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Illustrated Covers


Custom illustrations for your story... 

Fantasy | Historic | Horror | Suspense | Steampunk | YA

Allison Paige

Revelation Series


After viewing her portfolio, I knew she was the artist I wanted and I wouldn't settle for anyone less. Her style fit perfectly with my story.  She used my notes and placed her unique style to my vision and brought Leah and the Montana wilderness to life.


Get the Right Quote For Your Project...

Get your quote starting from three price-points. Estimates may vary based your details. For more information, click a tab! 

King No Text.jpg


Two Week Turn Around

Portraits, symbols, and simple elements.



Kingdoms of Anon small.jpg


Four Week Turn Around

Scenes, characters, environments, and action. High detail means complexity.



Wix Wrap Sample.jpg


One Week Turn Around

Wraps and Dust Jackets for print. 



What makes the price? 

As an illustrator, every image is hand-painted, requiring many hours of detailed work and years of experience. I don't rely on the use of 3D assets or photo texturing for your image. Depending on the needs of an image, an estimate may be raised or lowered. For example: painting a portrait is simpler than painting a wyvern flying over a city. 

The cost includes: 

  • Consultation time and research

  • As many thumbnails and mock images as necessary

  • Revisions

  • Final image file and any other required files 

  • Full licensing and rights

  • Image formatting for Audio Book, Promotional Banners, etc. (On Request) 

  • Large-format file for posters

  • File setups for animation (On Request)

If you should ever find that you need minor changes made to your image after our time working together, always feel free to reach out. Whether its rebranding or other edits, I will be happy to assist you with no added charge! 

Turn around time: 

You may see from the quotes that I have specified timeframes for when to expect your image finished. This timeframe begins with the first invoice. Of course, certain factors can affect a timeframe such as time between feedback or unexpected events for either party. If anything should happen on my end, I will contact you as soon as possible to let you know of any delays. 

I may not be able to start directly after we speak. Sometimes multiple projects line up at the same time and fill my schedule. To ensure that I can put my full focus on your image, I may book your project out a few weeks. Always feel free to let me know if you have a tight deadline! 

Other Services: 

I work as a freelance illustrator and concept artist. Other services I love to provide include: 

  • Paintings for any need

  • Page Illustration 

  • Character and creature design 

  • Story concepts 

  • World Building 

  • Developmental Sketches

If you would like to work with me on any kind of project, feel free to send me an email and I would love to go over the details with you and provide a custom quote. 

If you think I might not be the best fit for your project, contact me and we can talk about your needs. If I'm not the artist for you, I will refer you to someone who can better fit your needs. 

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